Our Story

It’s our mission to establish Relaxed Styles as a preferred destination to highlight our city's personality: gruff, uniquely cool, and unpretentious.

From downtown to each corner, our efforts are intended to celebrate those very people and events that have made this American culture something truly special.

And yes, each of our designs are printed on high-quality, buttery soft fabrics and apparel. If-and-when you buy one of our products, take a photo and share it with us at help.relaxedstyles@gmail.com. We'd love to see and share it!

About Our Designs

Relaxed Styles features original artistic expressions inspired by our passion for people, places, positivity, and culture. We do not produce official brand/team/organization/player merchandise (unless noted). In our opinion, many of those officially licensed products, with branded logos, are missing that special artistic expression found with the fans! Those items are in mass quantities and can be found at their respective official stores. 

Some of our designs include recreations and inspiration of local brands and businesses from the past. Each design is researched to ensure there are no active trademarks or copyrights from the USPTO. As a small business with Tennessee roots, we strive to respect, honor, and do right by the memories and people associated with our designs. If you are associated with one of these brands and would like to connect with us, please reach out to us at help.relaxedstyles@gmail.com.